In this remarkable modern farmhouse, design innovation meets comfort, resulting in a harmonious and inviting home that caters to every facet of family life. The homeowner’s aspiration for an upscale yet welcoming environment has been meticulously realized through strategic design choices and bespoke elements, resulting in a space that seamlessly melds sophistication with warmth.

The club room, a cozy haven for both entertainment and family relaxation, stands as a testament to this marriage of styles. The focal point, a luxurious A. Rudin velvet sofa in rich charcoal, exudes opulence and sets the tone for the room’s design. Infusions of color come in the form of hunter green pillows, styled lighting, and captivating oversized artwork. The homeowner’s art collection finds its rightful place, personalizing the space and reflecting the client’s distinctive style.

Moving into the open concept portion of the home, an animal print rug defines the dining area, uniting the adjacent den’s charcoal color story with the cream palette of the living room. The minimalist Parsons table and the exceptional Copenhagen brass chairs by Century assume center stage, celebrating both simplicity and luxury. The custom lower back chairs effortlessly harmonize with the exquisite craftsmanship of the kitchen, reinforcing visual equilibrium and highlighting the kitchen’s artistry.

In the sophisticated living room, a layered and monochromatic ambiance reigns supreme. A subtly striped area rug creates a foundation for the space while the malachite green accents invigorate with their boldness. Custom-made Century credenzas frame the limestone fireplace, their unique stain color mirroring the natural beauty of the outdoors. Gold Visual Comfort lamps illuminate artful placements, casting a refined glow on the space.

Upstairs, a lively and vibrant bedroom designed for a teenage girl captures the essence of youthful energy while maintaining a cohesive visual narrative. A captivating Thibaut bed serves as the room’s centerpiece, infusing it with bursts of green, pink, and orange. The pink rug with subtle pattern anchors the space, ensuring a balanced interplay of colors and vibrancy. Customizations like a striped bench and brightly colored accessories seamlessly integrate the teen’s personal belongings without overwhelming the room.

This modern farmhouse masterfully unites elegance, comfort, and personal style into a cohesive and inviting abode.

Liz Basler, Allied ASID

Alise O’Brien Photography

2023 Pinnacle Awards: Children’s Space and Specialty Entertaining

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