Similar to European jewelry houses, this redesigned St. Louis jewelry showroom has a “home-like” feel – a fully stocked bar and seating area invite guests to stay awhile. But unlike its European counterpart, this space, with its 10-seat table, provides an immersive experience that fosters collaboration and creativity.

Individuality is also important, and the new showroom provides a space where the jeweler can meet with clients privately to design pieces that match each individual’s personality and to show them how the designer makes each piece. It’s all part of giving clients the experience they deserve as opposed to your typical jewelry store experience.

The showroom is a relational rather than a transactional space. This isn’t a store where you walk in, stand behind a counter, buy something and you walk out. This showroom is unique as it encourages intimate one-on-one interactions with the client and jewelry designer.

With the expertise of a local architect and designer, this space was transformed from a nearly 4,000-square-foot blank slate—devoid of windows, lights, and plumbing—to capture the thought, creativity, and craftsmanship behind this jeweler’s work. The furniture is high-end with modern, clean lines and luxurious fabrics and selected to foster this unique experience.

This space, with its “modern Gothic luxury” style, is a combination of dark and light that creates a dramatic backdrop for the jewelry and an intimate shopping experience for each customer.

Emily Castle, ASID

Alise O’Brien Photography

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