Every design decision in this spectacular, luxury home was thoughtfully made with multigenerational living in mind, as opposed to the earlier concept of Universal Design that could often be sterile and unattractive. The goal was to create a beautiful, high-end residence that allowed for comfort, independence and accessibility for people of all ages and abilities. The primary bathrooms on each floor are perfect examples of how to blend beauty with purpose. In this bathroom, the designer embraced a contemporary, yet warm, soothing aesthetic. The cabinetry features easy-open push control doors and finger pull drawers. A diamond shaped tile in olive green with charcoal gray grout plays well with the wall color and adds interest on either side of the vanity mirrors and contemporary LED sconces. The designer chose to forgo the typical backsplash and drop the mirrors all the way to the light, warm white quartz countertop to accommodate the sight line of a wheelchair user or child. Underfoot, a dark gray porcelain tile with subtle white veining is not only striking but a practical choice to camouflage potential scuff marks from wheelchair tires. A gorgeous, freestanding tub features faucets at the front right corner instead of at the back of the tub making it easy to manipulate. Adding to the beauty of the tub area, the designer chose a stunning wallcovering in undulating shades of white, gray, blue and beige, which mimic the hues in the rest of the space and bring to mind the soothing colors of the beach, sky and mountains for a wraparound relaxing and functional oasis.

Emily Castle, ASID

Alise O’Brien Photography

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