With entertaining family and friends top of mind, the challenge here was to cultivate warmth while keeping the elegance in this large and gracious space, which boasts soaring 20-foot beamed ceilings, a commanding limestone fireplace, and a spectacular wall of arched windows offering gorgeous views of the backyard and pool area. Pops of color, scale and pattern were key to adding comfort to this great room.

The designer complemented the client’s existing furniture and accessories with a beautifully inlaid wood coffee table, scaled accessories, and a stunning pair of arm chairs to enhance the room layout. The tailored arm chairs are dressed in an updated bargello pattern of vibrant sapphire and saturated lapis, finished with oyster and pewter shadings.  Accent pillows bring rich blues and blended stone hues to the neutral sofas. Additionally, the designer utilized the large windows and floor planning to captivate the natural daylighting and bring the beautifully landscaped outside gardens into the setting. Finally, as the room is in the center of the home and visually connected to adjoining rooms, thoughtful floor planning, use of scale, texture and color ensure fluency throughout the main floor.  With a new take on timeless design, this designer created an inviting and gracious space to relax and entertain.

For clients with southern roots and a penchant for gracious living, the designer transformed an existing dining room into a well-appointed, textured and layered modern parlor, perfect for lively conversation and the occasional sip of bourbon.  With walls, ceiling and millwork all painted in a rich, dark blue, the result is wraparound comfort. The windows are dressed in a classic English plaid in blue and beige to frame the views of the property’s front yard. Pattern continues underfoot with an elegantly updated and understated patchwork hide rug that adds dimension to the room. Instead of sofas, the designer selected four cozy swivel barrel chairs upholstered in a sumptuous brown velvet to surround a large weathered leather ottoman.   Since the room is asymmetrical, the designer needed to find chairs with the best scale and dimensions to fit the space properly and careful attention was given to avoid making the room too dark and balancing the rich blue walls and ceiling with fresh and reflective accessories.  The room is also home to a vintage family heirloom chandelier and a beautiful set of prints depicting a historic opera house, adding history to this “new” room.   Seamlessly blending old and new, the designer created a comfortable, modern gathering space with a genteel vibe inviting you to gather.

Liz Basler, Allied ASID

Alise O’Brien Photography

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