Powder rooms should be impactful, dramatic and playful while pushing the boundaries of design, and this vibrant little space is no exception.

Like most powder rooms, the space is small, but the designer makes up for it with big ideas. The walls are lined with Schumacher’s “Queen of Spain” wallcovering in a warm metallic silver. The perfectly scaled feathered pattern adds texture and movement and is a special nod to mid-twentieth-century modern textile design.

The vanity, in a bold crimson color, was selected to anchor the space and add an unexpected pop of color and drama in an otherwise neutral surrounding. Located directly above, a striking oversized vertical mirror serves as the perfect companion to the room’s high ceilings. The mirror design includes a ring detail topper to draw the eye upward.

A layered mix of metallic finishes dot the space – from the polished chrome faucet and hardware to the brushed champagne-colored finishes in the mirror and wallcovering. Traditional elements, such as the Calcutta gold marble and ring-shaped pulls, contrast with the overall contemporary scheme.

By incorporating a bold play of pattern and color, this one-of-a-kind powder room becomes instant eye candy and a delight to all guests.

Alise O’Brien Photography

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